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Invisalign vs Metal Braces: How to know what is best for you?

Parkway Dental understands that the choice between Invisalign and traditional metal bands is crucial if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Most people are always motivated by a dream to have a straight and healthy smile. It is important to choose what will support your desire for the best dental health. This in-depth guide will explain why Invisalign differs from metal bracelets and what you need to know before you choose between these two options. We are here to guide and inform you so that you will be able to select the best option according to your personal needs.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is another innovation in the treatment of orthodontics. These are clear aligners that are see-through and can be removed easily. They fit directly on your teeth and are almost unnoticeable. Beyond its discretion, there is more to discover in Invisalign than meets the eye.

Advantages of Invisalign

A major advantage of this technique has to be the fact that Invisalign is virtually invisible. The aligner is made of a soft, smooth plastic that greatly minimizes the soreness and pain that typically characterize traditional metal braces. Similarly, the Invisalign removable device allows one to eat and clean mouth. This is a breakthrough feature in that it eliminates dietary constraints, enabling one to enjoy their preferred meals uninhibitedly.

What Are Metal Braces?

Metal braces are the traditional tool that has been used to cure teeth displacements; they are comprised of metallic brackets attached to the teeth and wires connecting them. Metal braces are slightly more prominent than Invisalign; however, this does not deter their numerous advantages, thus attracting most people.

Advantages of Metal Braces

Metal braces, therefore, are more effective, especially in solving complicated problems in regard to teeth structure. They can be counted upon as great options for patients belonging to any age group. Furthermore, metal braces are found to be cheaper than Invisalign, making them an affordable orthodontic option. Another characteristic associated with the metal braces in the sense of durability is their strength, such that they can cope with the time’s toughness. In addition, there are numerous colored tapes that you can use to accentuate your look or subdued ones if you would like something less noticeable.

Making the best decisions.

Several elements of significance dictate the decision between Invisalign and metal brackets, which require detailed assessment. Despite this, many critics would disagree with such an approach since they believe that literature has its autonomy and independence.

Severity of Misalignment

The main issue you need to consider is what kind of orthodontic problems are involved. Metal braces can provide a greater element of control and efficiency when there are big changes in needs on how your teeth should be arranged or when you have serious teeth problems.

Cosmetic Concerns

This depends on your choices depending on your cosmetics preference. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, it is important to note that Invisalign will be less conspicuous compared to other alternatives.

Lifestyle and Habits

However, daily habits or a chosen lifestyle should be considered in this regard. The use of Invisalign is strictly supervised, and it entails wearing the aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours daily. You have to have a hectic schedule, or you are likely to need to remember what you are supposed to do with metal braces.

Oral Hygiene

To keep up with optimal dental health, you need to practice excellent oral hygiene. Unlike other removable appliances like brackets and lingual devices, Invisalign aligners can be removed, facilitating good oral healthcare. Committed regular cleaning and good oral care can make Invisalign an interesting alternative instead of conventional braces.


Many people who require orthodontic treatment have budget as an important consideration. Metal braces, which are often relatively affordable, are the ideal option for people who care about costs.


1. Do Invisalign aligners vanish?

As a result, these aligners of Invisalign are almost indiscernible when being put on. These devices are transparent in nature which also means that they can be easily hidden if one does not feel comfortable with wearing a more popular orthodontic option.

2. Is Invisalign treatment available for all ages?

Anyone, regardless of age, can make use of Invisalign. This is a viable choice in addressing the teeth adjustment needs of either teenagers or adults.

3. Will be able to take any meal during treatment?

Removability is one of the benefits of Invisalign. It is also convenient because you will have the opportunity to remove the aligners when eating, which will enable you to consume whatever food type you want without any limitations.

4. Is Invisalign more comfortable than metal braces?

Therefore, metal braces can be very itchy as they may have brackets and wires that can hurt you. However, unlike Invisalign aligners made from comfortable plastic which helps minimize the pain associated with traditional braces metal wires.

5. Are there any choices of dressing accessories for metal braces as they are in case of Invisalign?

Sure, you may prefer colored bands suitable for fashion expression or discreet choices for the less noticeable appearance of metal braces.

6. Can I take off Invisalign aligners for special occasions, or do I need to wear them throughout the day?

In order for Invisalign aligners to work, they have to be worn for about 20 to 22 hours daily. Nonetheless, they come off so that they can fit for special occasions and events of high importance.

7. With reference to my decisions on either of the alternatives, what matters most?

However, it is influenced by the level of misalignment, aesthetics needs, work regime habits, commitment in maintaining oral hygiene and budget among other things. Care should therefore be taken to choose an appropriate orthodontic treatment with the consideration of these factors.

8. Does Invisalign cost more compared with traditional orthodontic treatment using metal brackets?

Generally speaking, Invisalign is more costly when compared to conventional metal braces. Nevertheless, the cost depends upon specific requirements and place. Consult with your orthodontist for a realistic price.

9. What are the long-term advantages of using Invisalign vs. metal braces?

Invisalign is more than a product for straightening teeth only. Therefore, it is easy to remove the aligner, which assists in maintaining proper oral hygiene and consequently improved dental health.

10. But what if I still have some doubts and questions regarding choosing between Invisalign and metal braces?

However, if you are still trying to decide what is best for you, book an appointment with your orthodontist. They can advise you on what is applicable in your case, therefore enabling you to arrive at a right conclusion that suitably matches your needs.


Finally, the last verdict is that picking Invisalign or traditional metal braces as best suitable for you depends purely upon your specific needs and taste. We understand that every tooth has its uniqueness. Hence, the a need to be well-informed in choosing one to replace at Parkway Dental. It is, therefore, our duty to help you choose the right one, which will lead to having your desired smile as you envisioned it before. Our expertise includes both the subtle style of Invisalign as well as the dependable method of metal braces. Rest assured that regardless of your choice, our team will be there with you every step of the way to achieve the goal of a more aligned and healthy set of teeth. Contact us today for an initial consultation and embark on your journey towards becoming a more confident, beautiful you. Do you need your dream smile? Just call us!

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