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What to Expect Once Invisalign Treatment is Completed

In today’s world of advanced dental care, Invisalign has emerged as a revolutionary solution for achieving a straighter, more confident smile. Gone are the days of conspicuous metal braces; Invisalign offers a discreet and convenient alternative. If you’re considering or currently undergoing Invisalign treatment, you’re likely curious about what to expect once the treatment is completed. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the journey of Invisalign from start to finish so you can have a clear picture of what awaits you at the end of this transformative process.

Understanding Invisalign: A Brief Overview

Before delving into what happens after your Invisalign treatment, let’s start with a quick overview of what Invisalign is and how it works. Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that utilizes a series of clear, custom-made aligners to shift your teeth into their desired positions gradually. These aligners are virtually invisible, making them popular among adults and teenagers seeking orthodontic correction without the conspicuous look of traditional braces.

The Journey of Invisalign

Initial Consultation and Treatment Planning

Your journey with Invisalign begins with a consultation with a certified provider such as Parkway Dental. During this appointment, your dentist will assess your oral health, discuss your smile goals, and determine if Invisalign is the right solution. If it is, a detailed treatment plan will be crafted, outlining the step-by-step process.

Customized Aligners and Treatment Initiation

Once your treatment plan is in place, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create custom aligners tailored to your unique dental structure. These aligners are made from a comfortable, BPA-free plastic that won’t irritate your cheeks or gums. Typically, you will receive a series of aligners; each meant to be worn for about two weeks, gradually moving your teeth towards their final alignment.

Regular Check-Ups

Throughout your Invisalign journey, you will have regular dental check-up appointments to ensure your treatment progresses. These appointments also allow any necessary adjustments or refinements, ensuring optimal results.

Completion of Treatment

Let’s fast forward to the exciting moment when your Invisalign treatment is completed. This is a significant milestone, and you may wonder what to expect next.

What to Expect After Completing Invisalign Treatment

Removal of Attachments

If attachments, also known as buttons, were placed on your teeth during your Invisalign treatment, your dentist will remove them. These attachments facilitated tooth movement and are no longer needed after your treatment.

Retainers: Your New Best Friends

While your teeth have reached their desired alignment, they need time to stabilize in their new positions. To prevent any relapse, your dentist will provide you with retainers. Retainers are custom-made appliances that you’ll wear primarily at night to maintain your beautifully aligned smile.

Final Dental Check-Up

Before bidding farewell to your Invisalign treatment, your dentist will conduct a final comprehensive check-up. This ensures that everything is in order and that your teeth are stable in their new positions. Any last-minute adjustments will be made during this appointment.

Celebrate Your New Smile

Once your dentist gives you the green light, it’s time to celebrate your newly transformed smile! You’ll be able to fully appreciate the results of your Invisalign journey and confidently show off your straight teeth.


Embarking on the Invisalign journey is a step towards achieving the smile of your dreams without the hassle of traditional braces. After completing your treatment, you can look forward to a life with a beautifully aligned smile. Remember, the journey doesn’t end with treatment completion; retainers and regular dental check-ups are essential for maintaining your new smile.

At Parkway Dental, we specialize in Invisalign treatments, helping countless individuals achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to start your Invisalign journey or have any questions about the process, please contact us at (617) 325 4100. We’re here to guide you every step to your dream smile.

FAQs About Invisalign Treatment Completion

Q1: What is Invisalign, and how does it work?

A1: Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses clear, custom-made aligners to shift teeth into their desired positions gradually. These aligners are virtually invisible, making them a discreet alternative to traditional braces. They are replaced approximately every two weeks to facilitate gradual tooth movement until the desired alignment is achieved.

Q2: How long does Invisalign treatment typically take to complete?

 A2: The duration of Invisalign treatment varies depending on individual cases. On average, completing the treatment successfully takes about 12 to 18 months. However, some cases may take less time, while others with more complex issues may take longer.

Q3: Are any attachments or buttons placed on teeth during Invisalign treatment? 

A3: Attachments or buttons may be placed on some teeth during Invisalign treatment to aid tooth movement. These attachments are made of tooth-coloured material and are temporary. They are removed once the treatment is completed.

Q4: What happens after completing Invisalign treatment? 

A4: After completing Invisalign treatment, several important steps follow. Attachments are removed, retainers are provided, and a final dental check-up is conducted to ensure the stability of the newly aligned teeth.

Q5: What are retainers, and why are they necessary after Invisalign treatment? 

A5: Retainers are custom-made dental appliances that help maintain the newly aligned teeth in their desired positions. They are necessary because teeth naturally tend to shift back after orthodontic treatment. Retainers are typically worn primarily at night to prevent any relapse.

Q6: How long do I need to wear retainers after Invisalign treatment? 

A6: The duration of retainer wear can vary from person to person. Initially, you may be instructed to wear them full-time, and then, over time, you’ll transition to wearing them primarily at night. Your dentist will provide specific guidance based on your individual needs.

Q7: How often should I have check-up appointments after Invisalign treatment? 

A7: It’s essential to have regular check-up appointments with your dentist after completing Invisalign treatment. These check-ups typically occur every few months during the first year and then less frequently as time goes on. They ensure that your teeth remain stable in their new positions and that any necessary adjustments can be made.

Q8: Can I eat normally after the Invisalign treatment is completed? 

A8: Yes, one of the advantages of Invisalign is that the aligners are removable. During treatment, you remove them while eating to enjoy your favourite foods without restrictions. After treatment, you won’t need to make any dietary changes due to Invisalign.

Q9: Is there any special care required for retainers? 

A9: Yes, retainers should be cared for diligently. They should be cleaned regularly with a toothbrush and mild soap or retainer cleaner. Avoid exposing them to heat or leaving them in direct sunlight, as this can cause damage.

Q10: How do I get started with Invisalign treatment at Parkway Dental? 

A10: To begin your Invisalign journey with Parkway Dental, contact our office at (617) 325 4100 to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, our experienced team will assess your needs, discuss your smile goals, and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to you. We’re here to guide you every step to achieving your dream smile.

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